Other Interests


Hailing from an army background back home, love for traveling was instilled in me early on. I have traveled a lot across India while growing up and have continued with this passion till date. I discovered the pure joy of backpacking in 2015 and have visited the following countries: Dominican Republic, Canada (Quebec), Nicaragua, Panama, Mexico, Italy (including Vatican City and San Marino), Switzerland, Netherlands, Belgium, Colombia, Ecuador, and Peru.


It is hard to not draw similarities between doing research and running. Both activities have good and bad days, require perseverance, and give a great sense of accomplishment on successful completion.  I started running in 2013, and since then have completed the following races:

  • Charlottesville Fall Classic 10k Run (Oct 2015)
  • Charlottesville Half Marathon (Apr 2016)
  • Richmond Half Marathon (Nov 2016)


I picked up the sport of bouldering in 2015 and loved it instantly. Bouldering has helped me develop a “never give up” mindset. I currently do V2-V3 level routes and hope to get better with time.


This is one hobby that has stuck with me since childhood. I read books from all genres however, P.G. Wodehouse has been my favorite author till date.